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We expect our associates to walk with more confidence in their stride and to understand that this company is behind them and has respect for them.

All transactions/contracts made, would be appropriately documented for the benefit of both parties. Terms for dealership would be mutually agreed upon and would include specifications of duration, product category, pricing, payments and necessary obligations required by both KDS and the respective individual/institution. Our goal is to help you enhance your POS and TRANSACTION SUPPLIES revenue. KDS provides the very best in POS/ ATM stationary supplies, fulfillment and customer service. Our progressive technology and full service offerings separate us from our competition and enable us to offer our customers the best in high quality, single-source KDS. We pride ourselves on our supply fulfillment process and knowledgeable customer order desk.


Engaging people is about meeting their needs – not yours.

KDS’s Key Feature of Dealership/ Resellers program are:

  • Full Service/ ATM / POS Supply Order Desk
  • “Live” Customer Service
  • Same-Day Shipping
  • Customized Fulfillment Solutions
  • On-line Order & Shipment Tracking
  • Revenue Share Programs
  • Extensive Inventory
  • Strategically Located Warehouses
  • Dedicated Relationship Management


To build a long-term, successful enterprise, when you don't close a sale, open a relationship.

Kwaliteit De Servici operates two large facilities in NOIDA & MUMBAI and has 3 strategically placed warehouses across the India. Partnering with KDS in this manner would entail, among other aspects:


  • Willingness of the interested party to invest either time, finances, infrastructure or other resources, a significant portion of which would be recompensed. Defined dealership and retail margins, depending on quantity of sales would be provided. Area exclusive dealership could also be offered if KDS is assured of a certain quantity of sales.
  • If already a part of a supply system or equipped with adequate infrastructure, KDS would welcome the offer of an INDIVIDUAL/ INSTITUTION for the sale of its products/services
  • KDS would offer training to prospective dealers/distributors on understanding the concept of POS and TRANSACTION SUPPLY SOLUTION and what our products stand for.
  • KDS works closely with dealers/resellers as partners to seek regular and accurate feedback on the products/services.

Some of the companies that experienced our PRODUCTS

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